Pet Parenting: Remembering Portia

I've been meaning to be more active on the blog but there are things more important that I need to focus on: work (my schedule has been more erratic than ever) and my senior cats. In our household, we have 4 senior cats and 7 adults/juveniles. 2 of  our seniors are seriously ill due to various reasons and require round the clock attention.


Review: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Citrus Flirt & Sassy Fuchsia

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Mary Kay just added a few new colors to their True Dimensions Lipstick range. I've never tried this product before so I was more than happy to review. I was sent two shades - Sassy Fuchsia and Citrus Flirt. These are beautiful vivid colors perfect for daytime wear or when you just want something to instantly brighten your face.


Review: Reviva Labs Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream with Vitamin P

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People with rosacea often suffer from redness and spider veins. On a superficial level, those who have it, more often than not, feel self-conscious. But it can also be very painful when your skin flares-up - like a sunburn even if you haven't been under the sun at all.