Work Wear, Stepford Style

Whirlwind - that's what my life has been like the last couple of months. Sometimes I forget simple chores like dropping my clothes off the laundry. That's what happened this week and it hit me when I ran out of my usual work attire: trousers. I was forced to wear a skirt - which shocks people from time to time. 

Nothing fancy, really. I like to keep things simple... simple or black.

This has got to be one of my favorite skirts because the style is vintage with a goth print. Very Stepford. Actually, it was a tube dress. Then I got big (up there) and had a seamstress convert it into a skirt. Hey, I hate to waste good clothing. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without black lipstick :)

By the way, I like this pose. It makes my tummy less obvious har har har!

Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt (former dress): Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Matthews


  1. Oh, you look GORGEOUS sis! First time I saw a full size photo of you HAHAHA!


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