February 28, 2011

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks

Sometimes, scrubbing the rough skin off your feet isn't enough.  It's important to make sure that your feet are moisturized throughout the day to make them pretty for the whole world to see.  If your feet are in need of some extra pampering and you need more than a foot spa appointment, then it's time to consider getting a pair of Aloe Socks from Earth Therapeutics.

These aren't your ordinary socks - its infused with aloe vera which make then oh-so-soft and work to provide continuous moisture.  It's now part of my bedtime beauty routine - after applying a moisturizing lotion for the feet (I love the ones that contain shea butter), I wear these socks.  Whenever I wake up, my feet become sooooo soft, it's amazing!  You'll get a kick out of running your hands through the material... the softness is seriously addictive.

I highly recommend this for people with dry and calloused feet .  Exfoliate in the shower regularly and wear this continuously to end up with lovely feet within a few months.  Just remember to practice proper hygiene and wash these after every use.  Or get a few pairs.

February 25, 2011

My MAC Day

The haul that should never have happened... or maybe it was destiny ;)

I spent the afternoon at MAC getting tips from my favorite MAC Makeup Artist, Carlos.   I tell you, this guy is amazing.  I asked him what foundation and concealer would suit me, he walked over to the counter and came back with a Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC25 and a Select Cover-up Concealer in NW25.  After he applied it, I was amazed.  I told him I was lighter than I thought, and he laughed.  He didn't need to test different shades on me - his picks were spot-on. 

He explained that although my skin's undertone is yellow, my under eye circles were so dark that I actually needed something pinkish for my eye area.  For the longest time I've been using something orangey and while that works in lightening that area, the concealer he picked out worked even better.

Since I brought along stuff, we used my brushes and makeup.  We did my face, eyes and I got to use my Midnight Media lipstick.  I had a grand time wandering around the mall afterwards, wearing black lipstick :) 

I also got to try their Brow Set (in Beguile) and now I am torn between that and Shu Uemura's Eyebrow Manicure (in Palm Beige).  I did not purchase because I really need to think about which of the two I should pick.

Another thing I need to decide on is if I should get their Studio Sculpt - I loved how it really matched & evened out my skin.  But since I'm trying to use up all my tinted moisturizers (I still have 2 unopened ones) I don't know if I should get this.  Because of the coverage, it's definitely not something for everyday but for special occasions.  Carlos was nice enough to give me a sample to try out.

While there I also heard good news and bad news.  First, Loud Lash is still being sold.  I read in forums that this was discontinued in the US so I was in despair since this was one of the few mascaras that didn't make me look like a panda.  I assume it's still being produced for other countries?  Now for the bad news: the Back to MAC program has been discontinued in some regions which do not have recycling facilities (like where I am now).  I was really bummed to hear this because I had enough empty MAC products to trade-in for a lipstick.  Now what am I supposed to do with those?  Sigh.

I wasn't really set on buying anything but I ended up with the Select Cover-up, a 217 brush, Loud Lash and an Eyeshadow (in Brulé).  The eyeshadow I'm going to use as a base for my new eyeshadows that's set to arrive in early March.  I'm so excited about my new stuff but I want it to be a surprise for you all!

Hope your day was just as great!

February 24, 2011

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

Since I'm a fan of stuff from The Body Shop, I decided to try one of their eye creams.  I chose the Vitamin E Eye Cream because the tube said it "helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles."  I thought this would address all my needs.

When using eye creams, you normally won't see results overnight.  It takes months for noticeable results.  And so I used this for about 4 months.

I was disappointed because it did not lighten the dark circles under my eyes nor did it reduce fine lines.  A colleague and I were talking about eye creams since she has the same concerns as I.  It turns out she purchased the Vitamin E Eye Cream too, and did not see any improvement.  If your eyes are a problem area you'll want to skip this and try something else.

However, if the eye area isn't of major concern, this cream works perfectly fine.  I noticed that once the product was absorbed into the skin, the under eye area felt tighter and the puffiness disappeared.  It also worked well in keeping that part of my face moisturized.  Not bad actually, I just expected more.

February 21, 2011

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

To call Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion legendary is not an exaggeration.  In fact, there are thousands of reviews by pros and amateurs that say the same thing.

As with most primers, this makes your eyeshadow more vibrant (which is good if you're stuck with something that has poor color payoff).  

When applying this product, I like using my ring finger instead of the applicator because I feel that's the best way to spread it evenly.  I've read complaints that its difficult to blend - it is if you put too much primer.  A thin, even coat will make it easier to blend your eyeshadow.

While other primers feel slippery and just glide on, UDPP feels a bit heavier.  The texture is tacky and putting on too much leaves the lids feeling heavy and sticky.  Trust me, I had to deal with this when I first applied the product.  Just a little works fine.  In fact, there's a lot of product in this little bottle given that the shelf life is only 6 months.

I've tried different primers and this one does stay on longest.  Unlike others that would keep my eyeshadow on for about 4 to 5 hours, UDPP lasts at least eight hours.  Don't expect it to last forever if you're out from morning to night, that's too much to ask especially if you have super oily eyelids.  Still, this is the best out there and definitely a must in your traincase!

Pillow Mists for Sweet Dreams


Don't we all just love to snuggle under soft sheets and pillows?  To amplify this relaxing experience, try spritzing on some linen spray.  Pick one that's lavender-infused since this scent is helps in de-stressing and promotes a good night's sleep.

I particularly like Bath & Body Works' Sleep Pillow Mist from their Aromatherapy line.  I've tried both Lavender Vanilla and Lavender Chamomile.  Both smell absolutely divine, the former being my favorite.

Bath & Body works isn't available in all countries so try looking for an alternative such as  Spring Water Spa's Linen Spray which contains Lavender & Chamomile extracts.

An added bonus: these products are all cruelty free :)

Sweet dreams, lovelies!

February 16, 2011

Shu Uemura Morphorium Blue Palette

Last Saturday, I attended a makeup workshop featuring Shu Uemura products.  I had the pleasure of trying out the Morphorium Blue Palette which I have been drooling over since December.  Now that I've had the chance to wear the pretty colors, it makes me want to buy the it even more.

The palette consists of three powder eye shadows, a cream eye shadow and glow on blush.  First there's the deep purple shadow, which is matte and looks pretty with just about anything.   Of all the colors in this palette, I'd say this is the most versatile. Then there's the blue and yellowish-green shadows which are shiny and look perfect together.  The brown cream shadow is used as a base.  Lastly, it includes a light pink blush which provides a subtle contrast to the vibrant eye colors in this palette.

February 15, 2011

Philips Satinelle Ice

I first heard of epilating was when I saw a TV ad for Epilady the summer of 1989.  It looked painful.  My aunt said she tried it, that it hurt and she returned it. It was then that I became fearful of the epilator.

Shortly after, womanhood came and I had to introduce shaving to my routine.  I never really got the hang of it and would end up with the occasional nick and cut.  A few failed attempts to wax on my own happened in between.  By 2004, I was earning enough to afford trips to the waxing salon.  All those years, I was still curious about the epilator.

I told myself I would get one someday but was too chicken.  Last year, I couldn't think of what I wanted as a present so I told preppyboy to just get me an epilator.  I didn't get one and I don't blame him as the device is probably alien to the male species.  Weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised when he got me one coming from an overseas trip.  And he couldn't have chosen a better product for me. 

The first time I tried it, I was terrified but that feeling disappeared seconds after it touched my skin.

The Philips Satinelle Ice is a great epilator for first-timers because it has an ice cooler attachment that immediately provides relief and reduces swelling and redness.  If you're a pro and don't really feel the need for it, that's okay because you can easily remove the ice cooler.  Don't feel like epilating on some days?  There's an electric shaver attachment included.

The epilator has a curved end which makes it easy to get it close to different spots in your legs.  It also includes an attachment for removing hair in more delicate areas such as the underarms and bikini line. The ceramic head has hypoallergenic discs which helps reduce allergies for those with sensitive skin.

The pink section between the discs and the ice cooler is actually a massager that is designed to stimulate the skin and reduce pain.   Supposedly, it has aloe vera to make it all feel better... although I can't really imagine how they've managed to make that part of the device.  I'm not complaining though.  It works.

This epilator also includes an exfoliating glove which helps prevent ingrown hair.  It will wear out at some point but it's easily replaceable.

I had to use this almost every other day for the first two weeks but the longer I used it, the longer it took for the hair to grow back.  It looks scarier than it feels.  I  suppose it's because I've been waxing for a long time, so epilating does not hurt at all.  In fact, its so much better than getting a wax.  Another bonus: the savings!  I've cut down my beauty spending by a few thousand bucks each month... the amount I would have spent in a waxing salon.

Now I feel silly for being so fearful.  I love my Satinelle Ice so much!  It's a great investment and I think each woman should own one of these.

February 9, 2011

Ziaja Duo Phase Eye Makeup Remover

Ziaja is a Polish company that makes affordable skincare products and being a fan of their Phytoaktiv line, I decided to go ahead and try something new.  There were different kinds of  make-up removers from this brand when I bought it at Beauty Bar.  I was meaning to get the gentle formula but grabbed this instead.  Note to self: double check before paying for stuff.

Duo-Phase was created to remove waterproof eye makeup.   Does it work?  I needed about two cotton balls per eye to get the job done but yes, it did work.  Although the formula is a  bit oily, it was hardly noticeable - it felt really light and was absorbed into the skin quickly.  And for those who don't like scented products, this is fragrance-free.

This product is also deemed safe for contact lens wearers and was opthalmologist tested.  But better be on the safe side and remove your lenses before using this, right? 

In the label it says that this was dermatologically and allergy tested.  At the beginning, everything seemed fine.  After a few days of use, I noticed that my eyelids started to sting ever so slightly.  I stopped using it immediately.  I have to say it's partially my fault.  I mentioned earlier that I was meaning to get the gentle formula.  It's because I have skin that's thinner than most people.  That means it's extra sensitive and products that usually work fine, makes my skin burn.  But if your skin is normal and healthy (lucky you), I suppose this product is safe to use.

Next time, I'm going to try out the gentle formula and I'll let you know how that goes (keeping my fingers crossed!).

February 3, 2011

Red Rock Nail Spa

Here's a great idea - start off the Year of the Rabbit by indulging yourself.  Red Rock Nail Spa is the newest spa on the block that promises to deliver first class treatment in a classy and relaxing spa atmosphere.  

I have to admit, the place does give off a zen vibe, don't you think?

Red Rock uses quality products - Depileve for Paraffin treatments and Orly for nail polish.  Pretty soon, they will also have polishes from Chanel, OPI, NARS and MAC.  Check out their army of color:

Aside from the usual manicure and pedicure, Red Rock also offers deluxe nail & foot spa treatments, and paraffin wax treatments.  Bring relaxation up a notch by also getting a shoulder & back acupressure massage, hand & foot reflexology, hand & foot swedish massage or thai foot stick massage.

No need to worry about leaving the little ones at home.  Red Rock encourages bonding moments with your child with signature treatments that will bring them delight as well... think Bubblegum :)  If you bring your princess to Red Rock from February 9 to 16, they'll give her a little tiara.  Now I wish I was under 12 years old... darn it.

My personal favorite - they have bag hooks!  I thought this was very thoughtful of them to have.  Other spas I visit don't have a place for my big bag which forces me to squeeze it by my side.  I'm sure you can relate.  Small details matter a lot!
Go ahead, make that appointment.  Call (02) 341-4902 or (0922) 8080237.  Red Rock Nail Spa is located at 3270-C Armstrong Avenue,Merville Access Road (Off C5 extension), Parañaque City.

Join Red Rock's Facebook Page and get up to date information on promos and discounts.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Took this while in Chinatown last Monday to prepare for the Year of the Rabbit :)