March 16, 2011

Lush Lip Scrub Sweet Lips

Wearing lipstick can be a nightmare for people with dry and flaky lips.  It looks unattractive especially when one wears red shades.  To pull off this classic look, soft, smooth and supple lips are a must.  Applying lip balm is not enough - you need to keep your lips beautiful and healthy by exfoliating.  I personally love Lush's Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips.

It contains Castor Sugar which gently exfoliates the lips, Organic Jojoba Oil to soften the skin, Vanilla Extract to keep moisture in, and Cocoa Absolute to give it that yummy chocolate flavor.

I just started using this a few months ago and I love that the sugar granules are fine which makes exfoliating easy.  I've tried some other scrubs with chunky granules and it just doesn't work as well.  Lush's Lip Scrub makes my lips really feel super soft and it gets rid of the dry skin.  I make sure to do this at least twice a week as part of my nighttime skincare routine.

The flavor in Sweet Lips isn't overpowering at all - it has just the right amount of chocolate flavor in it.  I haven't been able to try the Mint and Bubblegum ones so I can't tell.  The lip scrub comes in a 25g glass jar - that's a generous amount of product right there!  As with all natural cosmetics, you need to be conscious of the expiration date (which is indicated in the cap).

Another plus - it's cruelty free and vegan.  If you're into that kind of stuff, that's great :)

Tip: After using this scrub, make sure to use a lip conditioner.

March 10, 2011

NARS Maui The Multiple

The Multiple is one of NARS' most popular products because of its versatility -  it can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks and body.  It has a cream-to-powder formula that feels silky-smooth on the skin.  Luxury for your face, is what it is. 

My shade of choice is Maui, which is a dusty rose, because it provides the most natural looking flush on my cheeks.  For me, it's a must when it comes to pulling-off a no makeup look.  It's amazingly easy to blend - no special tools needed, just clean fingers.

with flash (left - when applied directly to the skin; right - blended into the skin)

I find this too drying to use on the lips, so whenever I do (which is rare), I make sure to prep my lips.  First, I scrub my lips, apply a lip conditioner and then apply a thin layer of The Multiple.

For the eyes, I always need to use a primer since this product, on its own, does not stand a chance against oily lids.  Again, it provides a sheer color which is gorgeous.

The downside, as a blush, is that even if you prime your skin and apply powder on top, the color fades quite quickly.  So in order to maintain the look, I always have to carry this around to retouch. 

Honestly, I can't say this is excellent because although it is marketed as a multi-purpose product, I mostly use it as a blush.  Overall, I'd say this is just okay.  But Maui is a beautiful, beautiful color and I absolutely love this as a blush which is why I keep buying it.  I just wish NARS would reformulate to make it last long.

This product has been part of my makeup kit for the last 8 years.  Whenever I'm about to run out, I find a way to get a new tube.  It's worth noting that it contains a lot of product (14.2 g) and lasts a long time.

The Multiple is available in a wide range of shades that are all worth checking out to find which best suits you.

Tip: when using a multi-purpose product, such as this, always scrape or scoop it off using a spatula so as not to contaminate it and lengthen its shelf-life.

March 7, 2011

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 45

This week, I was makeup less.  Zero, none, nada.  That's because I was out every single day, driving all over the metro, looking at apartments.  More on that later.  Right now, I want to talk about going without makeup.  The only products I put on my face were the basics:  Eyecream, Moisturizer and Sunblock.  I've been using Armada Face Cover 45 for a few months now and have had mixed feelings about it til now.

If you're looking for good sun protection for your face sans makeup, then this is a great product to have.  First off, it's hypoallergenic (as with all VMV products) and my skin did not feel the least bit irritated.  It's also non-comedogenic, and true to its claim, my skin did not breakout with this sunscreen.   I liked the fact that it goes on matte, unlike others that leave your face shimmery and oilier than normal.  Most importantly, my skin felt protected the entire time, considering I was out from morning til sunset (I burn really easy) - imagine how bright the sun shines in this country!

here's what it looks like

Here's the reason I wasn't sure if I liked it to begin with:  I'm not a fan of how thick this is - it was difficult to blend and I had to work real quick in spreading the product so that my face would not have white streaks.  I also had to be careful with how much I applied because too much made makeup application a bit of a challenge... and made my skin feel kind of sticky.  I'm guessing that their Face Cover 30 feels lighter so I'm definitely going to give that a go!

All in all, with the right amount applied, this is great for use without makeup.  If you want to apply foundation, I suggest going for a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead.

On Monday, I forgot to put this on the back of my neck and until now I still feel sunburned in that area .  Ouch!  How could I have forgotten, right?  The days that followed, the pain did not make me forget.  So people, if you're living in this part of the world, summer is here - don't forget your sunscreen.  Or else you'll look like a prune when you're old.

P.S. What the hell happened anyway? To make a long story short, my landlord broke contract and left me with very little time to get out of here. I may not be able to post as much this month because I have to attend to moving out and in, in a span of a few weeks. That includes getting my internet connection set-up and stuff. Sigh. Maybe I should stick my landlord's picture on to my voodoo doll. :p

March 1, 2011

L'Oreal Magic Amber Open Eyes Chrome Intesity

I've been looking for the perfect gold eyeshadow for over a year now.  It started when I saw a Gossip Girl episode with Blair sporting gold eyeshadow and I thought it looked really pretty.  It was just the right amount of gold, not over the top.  And that's exactly what I wanted - something that gave off a beautiful shimmer without making my eyes look like a pair of disco balls.  

So I was walking around the mall late last year in search of the perfect gold eyeshadow.  I saw a few that were either too glittery or too yellow or too much on the bronze side.  When I walked into Watson's I found the L'Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity in Magic Amber.
Although none of the colors fit the perfect gold profile, I liked them on  their own.  My favorites are Deep Brown and Addictive Yellow.  A few more shades lighter and Addictive Yellow would have been spot on.  It felt creamy when applied to the eyelids and not rough - that's a plus in my book.  The color payoff isn't fantastic but it's buildable, so it's not so bad.  What I did not like was there was a lot of fall out when I used my brush to pick up the product. 

The colors are pretty similar to Shu Uemura's Sunset Gold Palette - a great way to get the look without breaking the bank ;)

The back of the palette suggests how to use all colors

Check out the swatches below. From left to right:  Open Highlighter, Magic Amber, Addictive Yellow & Open Deep Brown.

Without primer, no flash
Without primer, no flash

With primer, no flash
With primer, no flash

My very first EOTD.  I feel so conscious about posting this.  Hahaha!

Used all the colors from this palette,
MAC Brow Set in Beguile &
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
No mascara.