October 28, 2011

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense No 50 Satin Black

I cannot let October pass without a true black lipstick post. That's just not right.

Today's swatch and tell is all about Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in No 50 Satin Black. This is a true black color with a satin finish. I just love how it shines at an angle. 

This lipstick isn't the least bit drying (not super moisturizing but that's okay with me) - it's on the creamy side and can last up to four hours. It can leave a bit of a stain so make sure to use a makeup remover.

You'll have to add another layer to really cover your lip. I didn't do that when I took the picture below which is why you'll see parts of my lower lip peeking.

Had a little fun - applied Sugarpill's Stella and Lumi Loose Eyeshadows on top for a glittery look.

Would you dare to wear this?

October 25, 2011

Lush Colour Supplement

Lush is known for its bath products but they also carry skincare and beauty stuff. When I heard about Colour Supplement, it was the perfect excuse to bombard my olfactory system with a rush of various strong scents from the store.

This base can be used to upgrade your regular moisturizer into a tinted one. If you want more color, you can use it bare. Or if your foundation is too dark or light, you can use this to adjust the color. It has a dewy finish and falls under the medium-weight category.

As with all Lush products, the expiration date is indicated on the label. Not bad for a creamy formula, yeah?

I purchased Light Yellow and Dark Yellow so I can create a shade that perfectly matches my skin. They also have Light Pink, Dark Pink and Ivory.

Dark Yellow (above) and Light Yellow (below)

Colour Supplement is great for those with mature, dry or normal skin. It does not contain mineral oil so there's less chance of clogged pores. Actually, even with my combination skin, this did not make me break out. My t-zone did get a bit oily but blotting does the trick.

All in all, I think this is a pretty nifty thing to have especially since they say you need to adjust your regular color during the winter and summer months.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?

October 20, 2011

Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize BE121, BE286 and RD422

I've been hearing about Majolica Majorca for some time now. It's a brand under Shiseido that caters to a younger crowd, just like Za Cosmetics. Although it piqued my curiosity, I never went out of my way to check it out.

Voodoomommy asked me to pick up some nail supplies at the mall and I passed by the Majolica Majorca counter. Finally, a chance to see what all the fuss was about!

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with their collection of eyeshadow palettes. Nothing spoke to me. Instead, I was drawn to Shadow Customize which are individual shadows.

RD422 is a watermelon pink shade with silver sparkles. It's super pigmented that I use the tiniest amount on my crease. It was the first shadow I saw and it was screaming "BUY ME!" I walked away... an hour later I was back to purchase it. What a sucker :) I think I should try this on my cheeks too...

BE286 is such a beautiful peachy gold color that's just as pigmented as RD422. It has a duochrome finish that looks great when used on the eyelids. This is my favorite among the three because I can use it for a day or evening look. Heck, I can even use it without any other eyeshadow and it would still look great with some blending here and there.

BE121 is a shimmery off-white color. It's quite powdery compared to the other two and there's fallout even after tapping off the excess powder. I'm disappointed that the consistency of this one is different. Obviously, I like this least but it still works well as a highlight color.

While the quality of these eyeshadows aren't on the same level as NARS, they are still pretty good for a drugstore brand. Way better than Maybelline.

Swatches for your viewing pleasure. Nice, yes?

A quick eye look which literally took me 2 minutes to do - BE286 on the lid, RD422 on the crease (again, just the tiniest amount!) and BE121 to highlight.

I like these products enough that I think I'll check out the rest of the Shadow Customize collection but I still need some convincing when it comes to their palettes.

October 18, 2011

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss No 847 PĂȘche Charnelle

Once Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Gloss touches your lips, you might just forget your name. Oh yes, it's that wonderful. I have never tried a lip gloss that wears as comfortably as this. It's smooth, light and hydrating. I love that their non-sticky formula is balanced - by that I mean it's not runny nor is it thick.

It comes with a brush tip applicator, which I prefer because I can fill my lips with just the right amount. Compared to a doe-foot applicator, this is easier to control.

And the flavor. According to the company's website it's subtle vanilla, violet and red fruit. According to me, it's like cotton candy or something that will remind you of a day in the carnival when you were a kid. It's sweet but will not assault your senses.

PĂȘche Charnelle was introduced Fall of last year and is an iridescent peach color. Gold and red orange flecks are present, as well as tiny amounts of green and blue flecks. Depending on which angle you're looking at, you'll either see subtle gold, red or blue shimmer. 

Very pretty. So pretty that I like wearing it without any lipstick. The color is perfectly suited for anytime of the day.

It's one of those products that you have to try to believe. If there's a lip gloss I could marry, this would be it!

October 11, 2011

This Little Witch Just Turned 1!

My blog turned 1 a few weeks ago and I'm celebrating with this giveaway! Thank you to everyone who has been following The Stepford Witch - I'm having a great time making new friends through this blog :)

If there's one thing that Shu Uemura is known for, its the brand's Eyelash Curler. This is a makeup artist favorite and a must-have in every kit.

Follow the instructions below and make sure to confirm that you did the action required to qualify. You can earn up to 7 entries.

October 6, 2011

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder 01

When it comes to bronzers, I prefer the ones without shimmer. I mean shimmer is okay when you're at the beach. But for everyday wear, I like using a matte bronzer. The Body Shop's Bronzing Powder in 01 is what I am currently using to add warmth to my face.

It's a subtle shade that blends nicely to my skin color - I don't have to worry about going overboard and looking orange. Sometimes I use this to add contour below the apples of my cheeks especially when I'm using a peach or coral blush.
Bronzer was applied on the left side

Wear time is decent - the usual, it lasts the whole day given your skin is primed well. I don't find it necessary to set this with translucent powder.


Given the overall quality of this product plus the price, you definitely can't go wrong.

What's your bronzer of choice?

October 3, 2011

NYX Almost Black, Bruised & Penelope Round Lipsticks

My favorite time of the year, Halloween, is fast approaching! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. If you need dark lipstick for your costume and black is just too shocking, then NYX Round Lipstick in Almost Black, Bruised or Penelope might be what you need.

I love dark lipsticks and have been searching for the perfect black. Now these aren't black but I decided it was worth a try. Since I reviewed NYX Round Lipstick previously, this will be more of a swatch post.

left to right: Almost Black, Bruised & Penelope

Almost Black doesn't quite live up to its name because it looks more like a purplish brown, with brown as the dominant shade.  It has a satin finish.

Almost Black

Another shade that has a stain finish is Bruised, a dark berry color. Its my favorite among the three because I feel that it can be worn anytime. Beware - this stains the lips!


The last shade, Penelope, is similar to Almost Black except that it leans more on the purple side and has a frosted finish.


The one thing I noticed with these three shades, compared to the other NYX Lipsticks I've tried is these don't apply evenly. A lipbrush and patience is needed if you want it to look perfect.

Which of these three would you most likely wear on Halloween? :)

October 1, 2011

Make-up Designory Taupe Eye Color

In my history of eyeshadow shopping, this is the best purchase by far. The reason? Make-up Designory's Eye Color in Taupe is more than just an eyeshadow. And I learned this during the personal makeup class I took at MUD.

This matte brown shade is buildable - it can be applied very lightly but add a few layers and you'll get a darker brown. Its this quality that allows Taupe to be a multipurpose product.

As an eyeshadow, I like how this matches a wide range of other shades. Right now, my favorite way of wearing this is all over the lid and then I add a shimmery shade right at the center. Its powdery when picked up with a brush but it doesn't give me a fall-out problem. It feels smooth, not chalky and blends well.

left to right: with primer, heavy application without primer, light application without primer

Although I like it as an eyeshadow, I use this more often as a contour. I don't need to put a lot on the sides of my nose or on the hollows of my cheeks. Like I mentioned earlier, its extremely easy to blend out which is key when it comes to contour.

Brunettes can use this to fill the brows as this shade won't overpower your other makeup. You can also create a soft-focus line by using a damp brush and applying it the same way you would a cake eyeliner.

Taupe is definitely coming with me on my next trip.

Above is a snapshot of the ingredients, for those interested. I'm going to do this from now on if there's a list available.

One last reason to love this product - it's refillable.  There's no need to throw away the pan!

Have you tried MUD's Eye Color? What's your favorite shade?