Hada Labo Tokyo Replenishing Hydrator

Sunday, August 28, 2016

It took me a long time to make up my mind on what the Hada Labo Tokyo Replenishing Hydrator is. Is it a moisturiser? Serum? What? I still can't quite figure it out. That being said, I still like it. 

First thing I need to mention is that my dermatologist told me to go for products that contain Hyaluronic Acid because it can provide my dehydrated skin the moisture it needs. That's how I ended up with this purchase from Ulta.

It has the texture of a watery gel and does not have a scent. Glides on effortlessly but takes a while to fully absorb. Contrary to what it says in the packaging. So you've got to help it. After massaging it on my face, I gently pat it down several times. This results in a sticky light mask which you need to let sit for a few minutes. After that, it sinks in - the sticky mask-like feeling is gone and your skin will feel softer.

The bottle also says that you can apply this over makeup. Given the texture and the way it sits on top of the face, I've never tried it out of fear my foundation/powder/bb cream won't like the formula. Who knows, I might feel adventurous one day.

I like the fact that it contains 50ml worth of product and to use as a serum or moisturiser, you only need a drop. But usually, I use this as my evening moisturiser and use 2-3 drops for extra moisture. Regardless, it is worth every penny and works well. No nasty side effects like acne breakout or itching. Yay!

This is my first (and so far only) product from Hada Labo. I was drawn to it because I heard its a popular brand in Japan. Have you tried this brand? What products from it would you recommend? Let me know at the comments section. :)

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  1. I love it when I find a moisturizing product that is not so heavy - this looks great.

  2. over make up huh? I'd love to hear how that works out - this has the potential of being part magic! :) I like the fact it is clear - is that odd? It makes it feel more serum'y. <-- is that a word? I need to go look into it at Ulta.

  3. I've used similar products before and they usually work well

  4. I love me some Hada Labo! Their Gokujyun hyaluronic sheet masks are amazing. I'll keep an eye for this one. I still get a thrill from finding Asian products in stores!

  5. I tried this a few years ago. Excellent product!

  6. I have yet to try this brand, light sounds appealing!

  7. I've been looking for a good serum. I'll have to give this a try.


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