Goodbyes & Empties - May 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This month, I want to share with you products that I'm parting with. Stuff that I barely or never used. 

The Estee Lauder Advanced Time Night cream and Advanced Night Repair... I received these as part of a gift set. I have an aunt who just gives Estee Lauder gift sets every year. I didn't get to use it immediately, it was sitting in my dresser for a few months. When I finally had a need for cream and serum, I brought these out. And how disappointed I was. My face broke out shortly after using both products. So... goodbye!

Another item I'm throwing out is the Banila Co. Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner. Its such a shame because I've been using eyeliner more than ever these days, and heard a lot of good reviews about this product. It was in the box for 10 months & when I decided to finally use it, it was dry. I tried using a brush, melting it with a lighter, any trick to soften it. Nothing worked. They need to review their formula & make something that works just as well as the liner from Marc Jacobs. The latter, I've had sitting unused for a long time and it retained its original texture. 

My empties...

Lets start from the left:

1. Paul & Joe Beauty Lotion Riche N is similar to a softening toner. Its applied after cleansing and before any serum or cream, I love the citrus scent of Paul & Joe products and the ones I've tried are okay. 

2. Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil is the lightest among the She Uemura cleansing oil line. This makes it easier to massage into the skin and wash off. This one is specifically designed to help balance the skin. I usually use this when I feel exposed to too much pollution & it works great!

3. Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion were featured in last month's empties too. I just have too many sample bottles that need to be used!

4. Biore UV Rich Water Essence I love this sunblock. It wears comfortably, although it has that typical sunblock scent. It wears nicely under makeup. This is my second tube and something on my repurchase list. 

5. Two Girls Living Rose Cream from the Hong Kong based company Two Girls, known for its Florida Water. I decided to try the Living Rose Cream because I was drawn to the scent. I love roses. This is cream is... strange. It has a texture that is thick and tacky which makes it difficult to absorb. I had to use a lot and had to rub it in well. Although my skin did not feel dry while using this, it lacked the feeling of hydration. I'm guessing this works better for those with oily skin.

6. The Saem Botanical Rose Moisturizing Toner is better than the average toner because of its ability moisturize (it has a high glycerin content) and rose scent. However I had to tap it into my skin longer than usual for it to absorb completely.

What did you use up this month? 

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  1. I used up a ton of lotion - it's so dry here right now. I have some Estee Lauder to try in my skin care bucket o' things to try. LOL - now I want to dig it out. :)

  2. Too bad that the Estee Lauder products didn't work for you, that's always disappointing!

  3. You went through some good stuff!! A real shame about that eyeliner.

  4. Great read! I was really rooting for several of these products!

  5. Your empties look so nice despite no product! nicely shot

  6. This is such an informative posts. So many reviews.

  7. I love empties posts! I used up a bunch of shampoos and lotions in May. I made it my personal mission, haha!

  8. Great round up!!!! I'm a sucker for these posts!

  9. So many empties! Great products!

  10. Shame about the Banila Co. liner! I use one of their moisturizers and had been thinking about trying out their makeup.

  11. I used up my Powder Perfect Lightning Lady top coat. Love that stuff!!

  12. I really hate when I go to reach for a eyeliner or lipliner only to find out that it has dried out.

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