What I Liked In 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 was interesting for me because my preferences have changed. So here's a round-up of sorts.

Make-up & Skincare

I'm still very much into skincare but I've been less adventurous - the only new brand I tried and, thankfully, liked was HERA. Sulwhasoo will forever be my favourite because it makes my skin happy. But HERA and Amorepacific (which I tried 2 years ago) are close seconds.

Being on a beauty no-buy for two years helped me in a huge way. What surfaced was a make-up addiction that was bordering on unhealthy. And I used the excuse so I can blog about this or that but, of course, that hardly happened. Limiting my purchases helped me discipline myself on what I really wanted.

Mainstream brands have become boring because they release different versions of the same thing. So I decided to try little known brands. 

I've been wanting Pony Effect's Lip Palette since it launched and allowed myself to get it when I spotted a counter while on vacation. Otherwise, I'd have to order it online and that can be a dangerous thing haha! 

1028 Visual Therapy is a Taiwanese brand - I picked up their Mont Blanc palette which had glittery olive, khaki, brown eyeshadows. A photo of the shadows are on my instagram account.

Paprika launched in the Philippines last November with an eyeshadow palette that has warm and bright shades. Its so interesting but I can't say much because I haven't played with it. The most I've done is stare because its pretty. Check out what's inside the palette via instagram.

I had some subscription boxes in the past that started out nice but either the items were mostly travel/test sizes or weren't just great quality. But BoxyCharm is awesome. It introduced me to brands I had little interest in trying and in full sizes too! I started with the September box and so far, I think it's worth it. Above are some of my favourites from the boxes I've received.


What I indulged in this year were scents. Its like my olfactory senses were in a happy, playful mood and just wanted to take everything in. This year has been mostly about natural fragrances from small, handmade brands.

There are two scents from Radioactive Mushrooms In The Forest that I love - Promise Ring and Moonage Daydream. Both dried down powdery which I love because it feels so comforting. If you could smell a warm embrace, I imagine it would be like these two.

Prim Botanicals was a wonderful discovery. I want to try more of their products but for now, I purchased their Flor Oscura perfume which has a deep, rosy scent. Their Gypsy soy candle has a bright, fresh scent. In my mind, I'd burn this while listening to a Hed Kandi Beach House album (from over a decade ago).

BodyFood All-Natural is an underground brand with a fiercely loyal following. I absolutely love the brand's products and this year, BodyFood released the Heart Series which is a collection of 5 scents. Selecting my preferred scent was too daunting because everything smelled great. They all share deep, tangy, spicy characteristics but each come with a unique twist. For the Poplar Buds, Pink Pepper & Magnolia fragrance, I bought the accompanying candle too. 

The only mainstream fragrance I fell in love with this year is Rhubarbe Ecarlate from Hermes. I wouldn't have even considered this but a dear, dear friend gave this to me over the holidays and oh, this is heavenly!

Lastly, scented candles. I've been making a lot of soy candles this year and acquired some. I don't remember buying this many candles in a year but I find that burning them as I do my skincare routine to be extremely relaxing.

What did you like this year? :)

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  1. I can't live without my AmorePacific lip balm. Made out of bamboo oil! I love it!

  2. Tons of goodies there!!! I am so scared to buy scents online, may try to find a few of these in store so I can get a wiff!

  3. Love your choices. I got a scent sampler from my cat (from my husband really) for Christmas. I love fragrances! I need to check out the shops you mention above - radioactive mushroom sounds like a fun brand.

  4. I agree that more mainstream brands have much of the same. Sometimes it can be good if you’re looking for a staple, but I love to hunt down some more exiting and new looks on places like Etsy!

  5. Great list.. I wanted to try the Hermes fragrance since it's launch.. But no luck till now :(

  6. I've never heard of any of these brands! Love learning new ones

  7. I like learning more about these indie fragrances!

  8. I haven't tried any of these products! Like you, I took a major step back and only purchased the things I really wanted rather than "stuff for on the blog". I'm definitely sticking with this as we go into 2018!

  9. What an interesting selection of faves! I also love Hermes scents, they are usually very complex and indie-like, especially the fancier lines like Hermes store exclusives that can't be found at Sephora and such.

  10. Making soy candles sounds fun! I don't burn candles often, but I know I would more if I made them myself :)

  11. I’ve been curious about Poney Effect products, so I’m excited to hear that the lip palette was one of your 2017 favs!


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