Tony Moly Whipping Cotton Brightening Bubble Foam

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

For the less adventurous in skincare, cleansers are always the safe bet. Or so I thought! Having found a routine that I am comfortable and pleased with, one of the few products I'm willing to switch around are cleansers.

The Tony Moly Whipping Cotton Brightening Bubble Foam was something I chose for three reasons - it was affordable, bubble foam gives me the impression that it is gentle but effective, and the brightening claim since the polluted environment I'm in makes my skin dull. 

I used this both day and night for a few months, satisfied that my skin did not dry out and not at all tight after washing. What bothered me was that my skin had become excessively oily. At that time I brushed it off as the weather was getting warmer. So I tried to control the oiliness by tweaking all the other products I used on my face and stocked up on oil blotting sheets. And then the lightbulb moment came - everything was normal before using this cleanser. I tried using the castile soap I made and some other samples I had to test my theory. You guessed it - this cleanser was the culprit! To be absolutely sure, a few weeks later, I washed with the Tony Moly once and my skin was black to being super oily. How horrible. 

So although this gained over 4 stars in Influenster, this cleaner is a big old NOPE for me. As of today, I've switched to an Etude House foaming cleanser that works great but that's a story for another day.

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