PicturesHi! Thanks for reading my blog.

My love for makeup came from my background as an artist. I studied watercolor, oil painting, photography and music.

I purchased my first tube of lipstick the year when Pearl Jam's Ten was released. It was a deep berry color that I love to this day. I was an incoming freshman in high school and I wasn't allowed to wear any makeup, let alone own it.

Fast forward this decade, my love for cosmetics grew and I had a personal blog where I started writing about makeup. I slowly let go of that blog and concentrated on the Stepford Witch.

Eventually, I took several classes to become a professional makeup artist. It's not as glamorous as people think - the hours are long, my back and feet hurt from working all day but I love what I do.

I love also love...

... my cats
... eating
... a good Italian pop song from the mid-90s
... anything from the 80s
... 90's music... grunge!
... or trip hop and ambient stuff from the early 2000s

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