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Etude House Eraser Show Mascara Cleaner Review

Etude House's Mascara Cleaner seems like an innovative idea since some types of mascara can be difficult to remove. I can see how this product makes sense for those who don't need to put on a full face of makeup. Just a touch of mascara and lipstick will do.



I'm going to come clean: I bought these tins of Steamcream (a year ago, I believe) because of the packaging. Crazy cat lady, yo!

Although I've read both positive and negative reviews online, my experience with Steamcream is 98% positive. The lavender scent is relaxing, not overpowering and it dissipates into something more faint within minutes. It was a great addition to my bedtime ritual.

It's feels just like other cream products but gets absorbed into the skin in less time. Absorption time is comparable to that of an emulsion or light moisturizer.

I found this to be very gentle on my facial skin and worked nicely in calming my skin when it was feeling extra sensitive and irritated. This also helped get rid of stress-induced eczema that appeared on my arm a few months back.


The 2% negative is that it comes in a tub, which isn't the ideal packaging for cream products. It's not a big deal because I use a sterilized metal spatula to scoop out product each time.

If I find another cat-themed tin in the future, it's definitely coming home with me.


2014 Beauty Resolutions + My Visit to the Sulwhasoo Spa in Hong Kong


This will be my first time to make any beauty resolution because change is truly needed. In order to keep it realistic, I've decided to go with two of the most important ones.

First, I prioritize my skincare regimen. I would always tell myself this is important and then forget about it mid-year. The thing is, my rosacea was at its worst last year and I was (kind of still am) plagued with other skin concerns. I need to pay more attention to skincare because, as Shu Uemura once said, "beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin."

Second, I need to drastically cut my beauty budget. Aside from the dent in my pocketbook, I have run out of storage space. What makes this worse is half of the products I purchased have not been used! My hoarding tendencies got the best of me in 2013... and that's not good.  Heck, I even adopted more cats (a story for another day). Anyway, I may have to move some of the unused makeup to my professional kit.

This also means that I will focus blogging about products that I already have. Instead of running to the mall the minute a new collection arrives, I will exercise will power. There are some items from the NARS Spring 2014 collection that I am dying to get and it's pure torture exercising self-control... thankfully, I heard that these are going to be part of the permanent line. Whew. That somewhat kept my panic at bay. The only two LE items I will allow myself to splurge on - Chanel Illusion D'Ombre and Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks since I have been collecting these from the start.

I spent the latter part of my holiday in Hong Kong. When I usually travel there, I go nuts shopping for cosmetics that are hard to find (Japanese and Korean brands) or cost more elsewhere. This year, I told myself I would only get the Cle de Peau Concealer that I have been longing for and the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Apparence because I somehow missed out on this limited edition piece.

The rest of the beauty budget was spent at the Sulwhasoo Spa. Getting a facial there is something I've been longing for ever since 2010. I can't even find the words to express how pleased elated I am to finally go there!


When I arrived, I was asked to stay in the waiting area and after a few minutes was lead to the locker room. They provided me with all sorts of disposables - slippers, a hair brush, underwear and skincare samples. Inside were dressing rooms, showers and vanity tables. Although these facilities are typical of any spa, the design of Sulwhasoo Spa is smart, sophisticated and luxurious.

I did not take any photos out of respect for other clients and I also did not want it to get in the way of my treatment. 

Since I had a lot of redness, they recommended a sensitive skin facial. This also included a warm ginseng foot bath and a massage (legs, arms and shoulders). The treatment room was air-conditioned but I was on a heated bed. I can't remember any other time I was THAT relaxed. I felt like I was in heaven!


After I was done and had changed back to my clothes, I found a tray with tea, cookies and an envelope with my name on it. Inside the envelope was a thoughtful note from my therapist and a separate card with recommended products.

Although I was tempted to buy a few items, I kept in mind that I already had some similar ones back home. So the only thing I bought was the First Care Activating Serum since I had nothing like it.

The visit to Sulwhasoo Spa was just what I needed to kick-start my path to better skincare. I'm so glad I did it.

So.... here's to a better year for all of us. I wish you all the best in 2014! What are your beauty resolutions?


Review: L'Occitane Immortelle Lotion Divine & Extrait Divin


The Immortelle skincare range was inspired by the flower of the same name, known for its ability to never fade even after being picked. L'Occitane uses essential oils derived from Corsican Immortelle flowers for this anti-aging line. 

A few months ago, I was sent two items from the range to try out. Unfortunately, I was not able to use it immediately because of a stress-induced rosacea flare-up that I had to address first. But once that was done, I started my Immortelle experience.


Applying lotion is an additional skincare step that I feel is extremely important. It has a made a huge difference for me and my skin feels better whenever I apply lotion as compared to times when I don't. It is applied after cleansing and before any other treatment. What it does is soften the skin and prepare it for other skincare products. By doing so, it raises the efficacy of your serum, moisturizer and spot treatment by allowing it to be better absorbed by your skin.

Lotion Divine does just that and the way I would use it is to take a quarter-sized amount and gently massage this on my cheeks, forehead and chin. Anything left on my hands, I pat on my neck. Applying this with my hands feels much more effective compared to using a cotton round. With its light, runny, gel-like texture, it gets absorbed by your skin real fast.

It has a strong floral scent that, admittedly, I was not a fan of when I started using it. I got used to it over time and now barely recognize the scent. If you have sensitive skin, expect that this will tingle the first few weeks of use or you may want to explore other similar, gentler products. But for those without any sensitivity, this is good to use day and night.


Extrait Divin is a serum which, of all the products from this line, contains the highest centration of essential oil. Its meant to provide a plumping effect on the skin and within seconds upon application, I literally felt my skin transform, becoming more supple and firm.

The floral scent is still present but to a lesser degree compared to Lotion Divine. It has a gel-like texture that's slightly thicker. It still gets absorbed quickly and the effect is felt almost immediate. Each pump will dispense a pea-sized amount. I usually need two pumps to cover my entire face and neck. 

I find this to be a good serum which works with any skin type.

Have you tried this or any L'Occitane skincare products? What did you think of it?

 *Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


Review: Reviva Labs Gentle, Soothing Cleansing Gel


With the weather getting colder and a greater tendency for skin feel dry and tight, we need to retain as much natural moisture as we can. One of the products I've been regularly using is Reviva Labs' Gentle, Soothing Cleansing Gel.

This is a product that's great for anyone with sensitive or dehydrated skin because it manages to keep enough moisture in while thoroughly cleansing. As the name states, it's a gel product which feels light on the skin due to its watery/runny nature. I take a moderate amount (about the size of a quarter) and gently rub it in a circular motion using the palm of my hands. I do that for approximately a minute. Although it does not produce any lather, I can feel the dirt coming out using this method. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh - no tightness whatsoever.

Some say it has a light, citrusy scent but I think it smells more like watermelon juice. Either way, I love the refreshing, yummy scent this cleanser has. I also like that the ingredients aren't overwhelming, unlike most cleansers.

I usually use this in the morning and sometimes at night when I stay at home all day without any makeup on. On days when I wear makeup, I still use a makeup remover or cleansing oil before I wash my face with this.

It is worth purchasing? Most definitely! If you have issues with skin that's too dry and tight, you will love how this lives up to its name - gentle & soothing.

 *Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


Review: L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Milk

My dermatologist told me I should only be using shower/bath gel on my body since I have really dry skin everywhere. Everywhere! Bar soap tends to be harsh and strips my skin of moisture.

I tried, for many months, to follow her advice but the entire process of lathering a bath lily or sponge and rinsing afterward seems to take longer than I care. Although in reality I'm pretty sure it only lasts for a few seconds. Maybe I'm a bar soap kind of girl.

It was while reading an online article a few years back that I came across someone commenting on how the Extra Gentle Soap from L'Occitane did wonders for her skin.

I immediately picked up a bar and one year later, I still alternate between this and my bath gel. Its the only bar soap I use regularly because my skin never feels dry after use. And there's always an extra bar I keep in stock. As a bonus, it also helps heal body acne - which commonly occurs when I'm about to surf the crimson wave (Clueless reference, yo).

Milk is my preferred scent since it's so mild. You can also find the Lavender, Verbena and Cinnamon Orange variety. Maybe one day I'll try out Verbena since I am in love with the L'Occitane Verbena Bath Gel and Shampoo.

You might overlook this when you're out to buy your favorite L'Occitane product, but this is something should check out next time.


Review: Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Skincare Range

TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm or Repair Volu-Firm (depending on which region the product originated from), is an advanced anti-aging line from Mary Kay which is designed to bring back the skin's youthful appearance by lifting the skin and reducing the appearance of lines. There are four products that I tried in this line: the day and night treatments, serum and eye cream. I'd like to share with you my thoughts and experience after using these for over a month.

The Day Treatment contains sun protection in the form of SPF30/PA+++. It is "medium-weight" meaning the formula isn't too thick or runny and has a moderate perfume scent which dissipates after a while. I always tend to put too much product and have to blot the excess after I let my skin absorb what it needs first. I like how it provides moisture throughout the day and gets rid of the dry patches.

To complement the Day Treatment, Mary Kay has a Night Treatment which contains time-released retinol. This ingredient is encapsulated to make it stable and increase its efficacy in renewing skin cells and reducing the appearance of lines. It feels drier and gritty compared to the Day Treatment but whenever I wake up, my skin feels soft & full of moisture. Unlike the Day Treatment, the Night Treatment seems unscented.

Three weeks into using both  products, I noticed that the middle of my forehead improved in appearance - the fine lines were less noticeable, it looked smooth. The visible difference made me continue in using both products. I think they work well together! They both come in an air-tight pump dispenser which ensures that the products and its ingredients are well-protected from the elements. It's a bonus for those who like their skincare products kept clean and germ-free!

I was able to use the Regena-firm Intensive Serum last year, independent of the moisturizers. That's a good thing because it allowed me to test if it made a real difference. This serum contains plant-derived ingredients which are designed to provide a lift specifically in the chin area. In my case, my cheek area felt more firm and lifted throughout the time I used this product. I suppose it would have done the same thing to the other parts of my face, had I used it for a longer period of time. How much did I love it? I used up the entire bottle. It's something I would purchase again.

Lastly, we have the Eye Cream. Sorry about the picture above. I used it so many times that the Mary Kay logo rubbed off in the tube! Now, this product is supposed to improve the appearance of deep lines, target crepiness and dry skin, reduce puffiness, and improve dark circles. While it did provide all the moisture I needed and reduced puffiness, I also wish it did something about the deep lines and dark circles. After over three months of use, day and night, I expected more. Then again, finding the best eye treatment is difficult, in my experience.

Overall, this is a great line to use if you did not pay much attention to skin care in your younger years and want to make up for it now.

Have you tried any Mary Kay skincare products? How did that work for you?

*Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


Guest Post: A Fresh and Balanced Strawberry Scrub to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Article by Michelle Pino

Finding a reliable skin care routine that will help you to restore your skin after it is affected by the elements of hot summer weather can change the way you look and feel.  From oily skin to dehydration problems, a simple and effective treatment and routine provided by Skana Spa of New York Resort, Turning Stone – this recipe combine centuries-old healing principles of the Oneida Indians to produce an experience that stimulates harmony of the mind and body is sure to revitalize your skin!

1. Begin a Cleansing Routine 
During the summer months, it is a good idea to switch to a vigorous facial cleansing routine.   Washing with a fat-based soap in the morning and evening can help to remove dead cells, rehydrate the skin and make your epidermis appear fresh and supple.  Using a soft cold cream three or four times a week will also help to protect your skin against the elements it is exposed to when you are outside during the summer.
If your skin is prone to be on the oily side, consider using a light and gentle detergent-based cleanser.  You can follow up this cleansing routine by using aloe around the eyes and on the neck to gently remove makeup in a safe and natural way.

2. Use Exfoliating and Mask Routines 
Using exfoliating and mud or cream masks will help you to strip away old skin and provide much-needed nourishment.  Using homemade scrubs and beauty masks using natural products such as strawberries, avocados and tomatoes is the perfect way to embrace all-natural and affordable beauty treatments you can do from your own home.

3. Maintain Moisture 
Maintaining moisture by applying an organic moisturizer to your face, neck and hands a few times a week will help to reverse the affects the sun causes on your skin.  Consider using natural oils and plant-based creams such as coconut cream and aloe oil to give your skin a refreshing hydration treatment.

Homemade Strawberry Scrub

•    One medium strawberry
•    Dash of honey
•    One teaspoon of brown sugar

•    Combine ingredients.  Simply dampen your skin and gently apply the scrub to your face, neck and hands.

This recipe works best if it is made fresh before each use.  The brown sugar acts as a natural exfoliating agent while the fresh strawberries will gently clean your skin without the need for chemicals.  Pure honey keeps the skin soft and supple and also helps to pull out toxins that are commonly found in skin.  Continue use of this recipe once a week in your regimen for long lasting benefits.


Review: Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment

This summer has been harsh on my skin - one of the things I was troubled with was frequent acne breakouts. I felt like there wasn't a single day I was acne-free for two months. The main thing I changed in my makeup routine was the use of an acne-treating concealer instead of my usual.

Dermalogica's Concealing Spot Treatment is pretty self explanatory. The name sums up what the product should do: it conceals while treating acne. Information on how to use the product is on the tube and it's simple.

Directions: Dot onto finger and apply to afflicted area. Let stand for five seconds, then pat until blended in. Use until breakout has cleared.

This concealer/treatment disappointed me for two reasons: first, it was difficult to blend. The product just sat on top of my skin and slipped too much, even after allowing it to set within the specified time frame. As a result, it could only cover the smallest spots.

The second thing that displeased me was that it only worked on mild acne. It had no effect on bigger eruptions and could not treat my cystic acne.

If you suffer from the occasional little spot (the kind that's barely obvious to the whole world but you), then this is fine as it can neutralize redness. However, I don't recommend this to those with moderate to severe acne.

On the bright side, I was able to try another brand of acne-treating concealer that worked. Will tell you more about that next time! :)


Review: Spa Sonic Skin Care System


It's nice to see a few skin care system options out there and I was fortunate enough to get to try Spa Sonic. Aside from the Spa Sonic device, the set comes with batteries, two face brushes, a body brush, microdermabrasion sponge and pumice attachments. 

The attachments move in a rotational motion - it was a bit challenging controlling the device. There's a definite learning curve before I got the hang of it.

The face and body brush bristles feel ultra-soft and the initial impression I got was that it would feel gentle on the skin. That was true with the body brush and I thoroughly enjoyed using it in the bath. My skin got the exfoliation I needed without the scratchy feeling that normally comes with some scrubs.

However, I had to be extremely light-handed with the face brush because after the first few times, my skin felt raw. On the upside, there was no need for an astringent or toner after use. It truly does get rid of any dirt trapped in the pores.

I was pleased with the pumice attachment as it was gentle enough to use daily on the soles of my feet. The literature that came with the set said that it can be used on the elbows and knees but personally, I would not dare use pumice in those areas - too harsh, in my opinion.

The microdermabrasion brush is used in applying skincare products. Use the sponge to apply your serum or moisturizer to your face. It did not feel any different from when I would use my fingers to apply skincare. Plus, this seems the least practical since sponges should be replaced regularly for sanitary reasons.

Spa Sonic gave me the same results as my Clarisonic Plus.  My skin was exfoliated and I got the deep cleansing I needed. The body brush and pumice are my favorites because it provides me with different levels of exfoliation.

Bottom line, this is a good option if you are in the market for an affordable spa brush. Just be mindful of the pressure especially when using the face brush attachment. I'm happy with the number of attachments included in the kit. And the cost of replacing the attachments is very reasonable. Available in Walmart or Target.

*Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


May Day Haul & A Quick Hello

A quick haul post from The Face Shop to usher my return to blogging. I'll explain why I was absent at the end of this post.

Anyway, I needed to restock on some essentials and ended picking up a few other items.

Their Silky & Soft Cotton Pad is something I need in my life. After reading a japanese skincare book that stressed the importance of using a lotion mask prior to moisturizing, I've been stocking up on these. Another item I got for personal use is their eyebrow shaver. This is how I deal with wild brows in between my threading sessions. For my client kit, I restocked on the Herb Day Lip & Eye Make-up Remover. It removes stubborn make-up like waterproof eyeliner or mascara and with moderate use, will not cause any irritation.

Green is my favorite color and I really liked the brush applicator on their Wide Nails range, so I picked up a bottle. From their regular line, I got a color that reminds me of Robin's Egg Blue. Sorry, I don't know the exact names of these shades because I haven't checked the label yet.

They released a lot of new items and I decided to go for their Bye Bye Dark Circle Concealer and Bright Pact (its a brightening powder) because I am willing to try anything that will improve my ghastly dark circles. I also picked up their Color My Eye Brow gel because I am smitten with a similar product from Etude House and I'm curious if this performs just as well.

Finally, I thought I got a powder puff but it turned out to be a sponge puff. Shame on me for not reading the description.

The reason for this purchase - GWP. I know, I know... but the deluxe sample of their Natural Sun cream is something I will surely use and the Tint Lip Balm sample was just too cute to pass up.

So here's the story of my short absence. A lot has happened - my favorite cat, Magic, passed away and I am absolutely heartbroken. If you're following me on Instagram, you probably already know this. 

But what I haven't shared yet is that a few months after Magic's passing, we decided to foster an elderly cat named Robbie. He was rescued 4 months ago, and no one wanted to adopt him. When he was resuced, he was in terrible condition, he couldn't even move. The veterinarian told me that his kidneys are in bad shape and he needs to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. This made us want to care for him even more! He's a really sweet boy. Right now, we're just fostering him but I have a strong feeling he'll be a permanent addition to our home.

And speaking of home, we moved. Again! This kept me busy the most. I spent a month screening ads, contacting agents and viewing homes. And then a month and a half was spent renovating. Originally, the workers were supposed to only spend 2 weeks on the place. But things were more complicated than it seemed and more work had to be put into painting, constructing, etc. It's not a new place but the location and neighborhood is great. That being said, this isn't our last stop. In a few years, we are moving again. Come to think of it, this is the fifth time I've moved in 7 years.

It's also been a busy time for me at work, which is always good. But our family also had a major blow this year that just put all my plans to switch careers on hold. I can't talk about it just yet, but once everything is okay, maybe I can.

In the meantime, I do have a few products coming up for review. I just need to find a good spot here at home to take photos! I also stripped my blog of its pretty design because I want to change it but I still don't know exactly what to do yet. Ah, the problems bloggers face.

It's nice to be able to blog again. I'll post again real soon! :)


Cellnique D'sensi Calming & Hydrating Cream + Immuno Rescue Essence

Cellnique sent me a few products to review and it took months for me to finally write a post because my skin was breaking out like crazy. I had to figure out what was causing it and I wanted to make sure I found the culprit. Bottomline: it wasn't anything from Cellnique... it was some cleanser I was using that turned out to be too harsh.

I've shared in the past that I have rosacea - the middle part of my face gets so red that I always have to be careful with what I put on my face. Two of the products I received are meant to help reduce redness and I was thrilled at the thought of having these!

The first one is their D'sensi Calming & Hydrating Cream which is a moisturizer that can be used day and night. Now the word "cream" is deceiving because it's more like gel. It's light and watery which my skin drinks up easily.

The first day I tried this, I did not notice the redness go away but after a few days of continuous use, there was an improvement. I saw the redness subside. Although the formula is lightweight, my skin can retain the moisture all day even when I'm stuck in an air conditioned area.

A jar contains 50g - I used this for both day and night for 3 months and it looks like I have more or less a month's worth left before it empties out. The label says it does not contain any artificial fragrance but the perfumy scent makes me think otherwise.

On to the next product!

Immuno Rescue Essence is my favorite among the items that were sent to me. This is applied before moisturizer, just like any other serum. In terms of weight, its lighter than Cellex-C Hydra B Complex and similar to Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster.

Each box contains 8 small bottles with 0.1 oz each. It doesn't sound like much but a little goes a long way. A drop or two is all I need and a bottle lasts approximately a month and a half before it goes empty.

I tried using D'sensi Calming & Hydrating Cream with and without this serum - there is a noticeable difference. With the serum, the redness disappears by the time I'm done with my skincare routine. I use both products everyday because I need them!

Another side experiment I did was to stop using the serum and I switched to another moisturizer for a week. The redness came back immediately. Point is, you need to continuously use these products to keep the redness at bay.

Before the company contacted me, I had never heard of the brand before but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try these out because it addressed one of my major skin concerns.

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


L'Occitane Verbena Soothing Body Ice Gel

I was MIA this week because I was down with the flu and was stuck in bed. Nyquil and Theraflu were my best friends. Anyway, I'm back with a brand new post!

Preppyboy introduced me to L'Occitane's Verbena Soothing Body Ice Gel during a beach getaway years ago. This is where we went... beautiful yes?

I didn't have any use for a cooling gel because I was pretty good at applying and re-applying sunblock. What stuck with me was how good this product smelled... like lemon candy!

Well guess what? I recently rushed to the mall to buy a bottle and here's why...

A few weeks ago, we went to an outdoor shooting range somewhere in the mountains. I prefer shooting outdoors because the smell of gunpowder gives me a nasty headache. The air in an indoor range doesn't circulate well.

Here's what the range looked like... a jungle!

Some big guns. I tried to shoot with one of these but I couldn't carry it long enough to aim and shoot. Too. Damn. Heavy. So I stuck to my pistol.

The genuis in me applied sunblock everywhere except my right arm. By noon, it hurt like crazy and as soon as I got home, I dumped a dozen tea bags in the tub and soaked in it. It was a pretty nasty burn and I knew I needed a bottle of Body Ice Gel. The next day, I was at the L'Occitane store.

I applied this twice a day and my skin would hurt less each day. After my third day of use, the pain was completely gone. I like that it's not sticky and absorbs into the skin fast enough - its comfortable to wear. The scent was so soothing too.

People, this is something you cannot live without during the summer!

The only thing I was worried about was the size. The bottle is huge and beyond the sunburn, I wasn't sure what to do with it. The lady at the L'Occitane counter said I can also apply this on insect bites. And according to the company's website, it can also be used to relieve muscle pain during massage. Now I don't feel so bad because its not going to waste.

Major love goes to this gel.

Now I need to figure out how to make the skin on my right arm match the rest of my body. I might have to use papaya soap on it since going to the beach to get a tan is out of the question (it's been raining like crazy lately).


Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner

It's been a year since I've switched to using either natural or organic bath products and it's a decision I'm glad I made. I'm still in that phase where I'm excited to try out different things.

I just finished this bottle of Veganese hair conditioner from Lush and it was pretty good. 

It's quite thick so you won't need a lot. Working it in, you'll feel that its slippery and untangles your wild locks. Rinsing is the same as any other conditioner out there, you'll need to make sure to do it well so as not to leave any residue. Once done, your hair will feel smooth and soft. It has a scent that some people describe as lemony but to me, it's more like herbs you use for cooking (not the aromatherapy kind). I personally don't mind, sometimes I even enjoy the scent, but it's definitely an acquired taste that some may not like.

Some hair products make my skin break out. I did not experience that with Veganese. It was gentle on my skin and scalp.

This might be a repeat purchase in the future because it does the job well!


Dermalogica Precleanse

Looking for a cruelty-free alternative to Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil? Then check out Precleanse from Dermalogica. 

In terms of weight, it can be compared to Shu's pink variant (Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil). Both do not contain mineral oil which explains why it feels a lot lighter than other cleansing oils.

This can be used as a makeup remover or as the first step in your night time skincare routine. It's used the same way you would any cleansing oil. Apply it directly to your face then with wet hands, massage the oil until it becomes "milky." Rise after and follow with a gentle cleanser. 

Personally, I love the lavender scent because its relaxing... just what you need after a long day.


Missha White Tea Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Most of the buzz that revolves around the brand Missha can be credited to their BB Creams. I was almost tempted to try it out but given that I still have 4 unopened tubes/bottles of foundation and 3 more that I am trying to finish, it's a bad idea to get another one. But I really, really wanted to. Sigh.

What I ended up getting was this White Tea Lip & Eye Makeup Remover because I was certain it would not go to waste. I was hoping for it to be similar to the Bioderma Sensibio H2O makeup remover because I needed an accessible alternative. And my wish came true... YAY! I would like to thank my lucky stars that the Missha store is barely a 10-minute drive from where I stay.

If you have the chance to try this out, give it a shot. The bottle contains less product (90ml) compared to Bioderma's whooping 500 ml but it does cost less too. Plus it won't take up too much space in your makeup kit or bathroom shelf. 

It basically works the same way Bioderma does - feels like water on the skin and is unscented. I am a huge fan of the fact that it's not oily. All you need to do is pour some of this on a cotton pad and gently press it against your eye for about 30 seconds. Next, dab gently and you'll find that most of your eye makeup has been removed. To get rid of eyeliner, soak a cotton bud and use that to clean. There's no feeling of irritation or discomfort whatsoever.

Another similar product is The Face Shop's Black Bamboo Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover. Yes, it's missing the word "Makeup." I've been recommending it to everyone who asks me for a good makeup remover. Now I'm adding this Missha product to the list!


New! GlossyBox USA

GlossyBox is now available in the US! Another subscription box for all you beauty addicts out there. I got my box a few days ago and wanted to check out the products before posting this.

So here's the deal, below are snapshots of the packaging to check out. After that are photos of the actual products and my comment on each item.

But before all that, let me clarify - this box I received is a promotional box. All the items here are full-sized. However, the actual subscription box will contain at least five-items. One of which will be full-sized, the rest travel-sized. For more info read Pink Sith's blog entry on this box.

So here's what the packaging looks like. The light pink box is sturdy, the tissue paper and ribbon are cute. There's a trend guide and card explaining the contents of the box.

Now let's take a closer look at the products included in the box...

Basq Cucumber Tea Soothing Eye Gel: There's a good number of people who said they didn't like this because of the scent. I didn't mind at all because it was faint and faded quickly. I love the cooling sensation when I apply this on my eye area. It felt familiar... then it hit me... It's like the Cucumber Elastin Eye Gel from St. Ives! No wonder I liked this - I used to take some of my mom's St. Ives products and slather it on my face when I was a kid.

C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion: I was secretly hoping to get the Shampoo because I hoard bath products like crazy. I have too many bottles of unopened lotion. But I am happy to get this. When I first opened the bottle, I was overwhelmed by the scent but it weakened after a while. This lotion is lightweight - my skin drank it up immediately and while it was sitting on my skin, it felt cool too. Very nice. I think this will make for a great bedtime lotion.

Cargo Eye Bronzer: I'm currently in a bronze-eye phase... it's a great color to use for special occasions or when going out... Or I could include it in my pro kit since I do like doing a bronze/brown smoky eye look on my clients. I thought this would be a mess to apply - on the contrary, it was quick and clean. No fallout and it was easy to blend. This is my first time to try a product from Cargo and I like this! 

OPI Nail Lacquer Kiss Me on My Tulips: I'm not a huge fan of light or bright pink nail polish. I don't think it looks great on me but I am still happy to receive this product. In case I have a change of heart about this color, at least I already have it in my kit. I know my mom will borrow this because its is right up her alley. Plus OPI is a pretty good brand so there's no complaining here.

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee: This was the item I was most excited to try out. Some of the pro artists I work with use Kryolan products and love it (especially the foundation). So naturally, this was what I checked out first. The formula is heavy but non-sticky. The product comes with a brush applicator that dispenses enough product at one go. It's very opaque so if you want something more subtle, you'll need to dab it with your finger instead. If applied with a brush, you'll get an opaque coat but within minutes it breaks and you'll start seeing the lines on your lips. Toffee is best suited for pale to light complexions. Those with medium skin color can use this but sparingly. I was so disappointed with the quality :(

Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection: I can't say much about this because I haven't opened it yet. For me, this is the most MEH of the products I received. It's because I don't think I'll get much out of a few small sachets of various products. I think this is really more of a "try and see if you like how it feels" kind of thing. Will this even last me a month?

Most of the products in this box I liked. If these are the types of travel-sized items I'll get, I wouldn't mind at all. As long as I don't get non-beauty related items like... air freshener or some weird lifestyle thing like what other boxes include. Compared to other subscription boxes, this is pricey at $21. Is it worth it? It all boils down to this: if GlossyBox can consistently bring in products from good and great brands and keep it all beauty focused, then it's possible. Of course this can only be measured by checking out the first few boxes that come out.

Okay, I didn't think my post would be this long but I hoped this has helped you make a decision. Would you sign-up for this service?

A press sample was provided for editorial consideration.